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Aven Colony: The Expedition+Update v1.0.23723 full Codex – Download game indie, chiến thuật, mô phỏng – (12/12/17)

Aven Colony Giới thiệu: (English) Build a new home for humanity with Aven Colony. Discover Aven Prime – an alien planet of deserts, tundras, and jungles light years from earth. Aven Colony puts you in charge of humanity’s first extrasolar settlement, where you build and expand your small colonies into …

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The Surge: A Walk in the Park full Codex – Download game hành động, thế giới mở, nhập vai – (12/12/17)

The Surge Giới thiệu: (English) A catastrophic event has knocked you out during the first day on the job… you wake up equipped with a heavy-grade exoskeleton, in a destroyed section of the complex. Robots gone haywire, insane augmented co-workers and rogue AI – everything wants you dead. Defy deadly …

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The Breeding The Fog full Hi2U – Download game hành động, phiêu lưu, indie – (10/12/17)

The Breeding The Fog Giới thiệu: (English) First of all in the near future, the levels of atmospheric toxins have reached unprecedented heights. World governments have deployed an innovative experiment in the atmosphere that uses genetically modified microbes to eat and break down toxins into less dangerous molecules. On the …

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2+Update v1.08 full CODEX – Download game hành động, võ thuật, anime – (10/12/17)

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Chi tiết: Dung lượng: 11,2GB. Ra mắt ngày 27/10/16, cập nhật bản full ngày 10/12/17. Download link Torrent, Mega, Userscloud, Google Drive,… (File Torrent đã được upload lên Google Drive) Các file game có dung lượng lớn download link torrent rất ổn định.   Yêu cầu …

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Soldiers of the Universe full RELOADED – Download game hành động, phiêu lưu, indie – (03/12/17)

Soldiers of the Universe  Giới thiệu: (English) The Republic of Turkey has a secret organization called “Akinci Warriors” who specializes in secret military operations. Our hero Hakan takes over his father Selim Kahraman’s place as “The Toyga” of Akinci Warriors. He will lead military operations to take his father’s revenge …

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