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Universe at War Earth Assault full Elamigos – Download game hành động, chiến thuật – (03/01/18)

Universe at War Earth Assault Giới thiệu: (English) RTS of futuristic ambience developed by Petroglyph, the creators of Star Wars: The Empire in War. A new intergalactic conflict that looms over the planet Earth, should be solved with an RTS that promises to bring several strategic innovations, in the management, …

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XCOM Enemy Unknown The Complete Edition full Elamigos – Download game hành động, chiến thuật – (03/01/18)

XCOM Enemy Unknown The Complete Edition Giới thiệu: (English) XCOM: Enemy Unknown puts you in charge of a secret paramilitary organization called XCOM. As XCOM commander, you will defend Earth from a frightening alien invasion by administering resources, developing technologies and overseeing both combat strategies and tactics of individual units. …

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XCOM 2 Digital Deluxe Edition full Elamigos – Download game hành động, chiến thuật – (03/01/17)

XCOM 2 Digital Deluxe Edition     Giới thiệu: (English) XCOM 2 is the sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the award-winning strategy game that was named Game of the Year in 2012. The Earth has changed. Twenty years have passed since world leaders surrendered unconditionally to alien forces. XCOM, the …

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Tooth and Tail: SEASON 2 full PLAZA – Download game hành động, casual, indie, chiến thuật – (30/12/17)

Tooth and Tail Giới thiệu: (English) Lead the revolution with an army of flamethrowing Boars, mustard gas-lobbing Skunks, and paratrooper-puking Owls.Tooth and Tailis a Real-Time-Strategy game featuring Single Player, Online Competitive Play, Split Screen, Replays, and more. Build a base, lead your army, eat your enemies!The War for Meat The …

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100% Orange Juice: Yuki & Tomomo Renewal Pack full PLAZA – Download game indie, chiến thuật – (30/12/17)

100% Orange Juice Giới thiệu: (English) 100% Orange Juice – Yuki & Tomomo Renewal Pack adds 2 new playable character combinations from developer Orange Juice\’s games. MeetYuki (Dangerous), who disrupts the play by seeking wins through trap use, and a brand new version of the game\’s end boss:Tomomo (Casual)who can …

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Armello: Rivals Hero full PLAZA – Download game phiêu lưu, indie, nhập vai, chiến thuật – (26/12/17)

Armello Giới thiệu: (English) Armellois a grand swashbuckling adventure that combines three styles of play; The deep tactics of card games with the rich strategy of table top board games, combined with a character role-playing system. As a hero from one of the clans of Armello, you\’ll quest, scheme, hire …

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Tank Warfare Tunisia 1943: El Guettar full RELOADED – Download game bạo lực, gore, mô phỏng, chiến thuật – (26/12/17)

Tank Warfare Tunisia 1943 Giới thiệu: (English) Tank Warfare Tunisia 1943 RELOADED – Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 – tactical battalion level combat simulation. During the Tunisian Campaign in winter 1943 German Panzer battlegroups launch a counteroffensive against the Allied forces to drive them out of Eastern Dorsal. Chi tiết: Dung …

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Tabletop Simulator: Tiny Epic Quest full HI2U – Download game casual, indie, nhập vai, mô phỏng, chiến thuật – (26/12/17)

Tabletop Simulator Giới thiệu: (English) Create your own original games, import custom assets, automate games with scripting, set up complete RPG dungeons, manipulate the physics, create hinges & joints, and of course flip the table when you are losing the game. All with an easy to use system integrated with …

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